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|file= GasPlanet2.png
{{Infobox/Line|Orbit|Outside of [[Jool]]}}
{{Infobox/Line|Orbit|Outside of [[Jool]]}}

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Gas planet 2
Gas planet 2
Orbit Outside of Jool
Equatorial radius Estimated 9000 km
  • Four major moons
  • Multiple tiny moons
  • Rings
These information are from a concept and the information about the object may change.

The gas planet 2 (abbreviated GP2) is a proposed planet outside the orbit of Jool. It is planned to make the current dwarf planet Eeloo the innermost of four major moons. Like for Jool it is planned to have multiple tiny moons – the figure for Jool is “at least 20” – orbiting the second gas planet additionally.[1]


Currently only the names of the four major moons are known. It is assumed that the list given is from the innermost to the outermost moon:

  • Eeloo
  • Daphy
  • Potatus
  • Fonso


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