Gas planet 2

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Gas planet 2
Gas planet 2
Orbit Outside of Jool
Equatorial radius Estimated 9000 km
  • Four major moons
  • Multiple tiny moons
  • Rings
These information are from a concept and the information about the object may change.

The gas planet 2 (abbreviated GP2) is a proposed planet outside the orbit of Jool. It is planned to make the current dwarf planet Eeloo the innermost of four major moons. Like its current sister planet, Jool, it is planned to have "At least 20" smaller moons orbiting it.[1] This gas planet will most likely be the Kerbal counterpart of Saturn. Currently, the planet Sentar from Krag's Planet Factory Mod acts as GP2. It is blue, has rings, and several moons. It will be added in 0.24.[citation needed]


Currently only the names of the four major moons are known. It is assumed that the list given is from the innermost to the outermost moon:

  • Eeloo: Planned to orbit the new planet, NovaSilisko has stated that there will be geysers on it. The prototype geysers have been shown to work "Quite well."
  • Daphy: A very small asteroid covered in "Fluff". It may or may not be in the rings themselves.
  • Potatus: Another small moon. It will have a high inclination relative to GP2. NovaSilisko has claimed that it will rotate extremely fast, stretching it into an oblate spheroid. Although it does not orbit Sentar, this moon is like the Krag's Planet Factory planet called Inaccessable.
  • Fonso: Will be about 300KM across, and will be the second moon to hold an atmosphere, which will be two atmospheres dense. The extremely mountainous surface will have peaks that stretch into the vacuum. It is similar to the Krag's Planet Factory moon called Skelton, as it has a mountain which stretches into space, and has a thick atmosphere.


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