Heat Shield (0.625m)

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Heat Shield (0.625m)
Part image
Heat shield by
O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises
Radial size Tiny
Cost (total) 150.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.03 t
Drag 0.2
Max. Temp. 3300 K
Impact Tolerance 9 m/s
Research Survivability.png Survivability
Unlock cost 600 Funds
Since version 1.2
Part configuration HeatShield
Ablator 50.0 units
Threshold temperature 500
Lift generated 0.0875
Testing Environments
On the surface ✓ Yes
In the ocean ✓ Yes
On the launchpad ✓ Yes
In the atmosphere ✓ Yes
Sub orbital × No
In an orbit × No
On an escape × No
Docked × No
Test by staging × No
Manually testable ✓ Yes

The Heat Shield (0.625m) is a part introduced in version 1.2. It costs 150 Funds and contains 50 ablator. It weighs 0.025 tons and has a maximum temperature of 3,300 Kelvin. It also has an impact tolerance of 9 m/s. This is one of the first heat shields, the other being Heat Shield (1.25m), you receive in the tech tree.

Product description

A tiny structural heat shield

O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises


  • Initial Release