IX-6315 "Dawn" Electric Propulsion System

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By emitting ionized xenon gas through a small thruster port, the PB-ION can produce incredibly efficient propulsion, but with a downside of very low thrust and high expense.

Ionic Protonic Electronics


  • Ion Electric Propulsion Systems require Xenon Gas and a steady source of electricity. Electricity can be obtained using Solar Panels and Batteries. Your batteries are used to store the electricity since there may be times your Solar Panels will be blocked from Kerbol (Sun) by objects or the dark side of Celestial Bodies.
  • Ion Electric Propulsion System is good for fine tuning of orbits just as RCS gas, with the difference that it requires much less xenon gas than RCS gas for the same change, however, it pulls a lot of electricity, making the need for a large number of solar panels. Another difference is that the xenon gas, stored in PB-X150 Xenon Container, only, as well as other engines but unlike the RCS gas, can be directed in one direction.


  • Initial Release