KV-1 'Onion' Reentry Module

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KV-1 'Onion' Reentry Module
Part image
Command pod by
Probodobodyne Inc

Radial size Small
Cost (total) 600.00 Funds
(dry) 590.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.77 t
(dry) 0.75 t
Drag 0.15-0.2
Max. Temp. 2400 K
Impact Tolerance 12 m/s
Research Start.png Start
Unlock cost 0 Funds
Since version 1.4.1
Part configuration KV1Pod.cfg
Command module
Crew capacity (maximum) Crew
(required) Crew
Electric capacity 50.0 
SAS level × None
Heat shield
Ablator 20.0 units
Threshold temperature 500

The KV-1 'Onion' Reentry Module is a Command Module housing one Kerbal crew member during their mission. It has a rounded shape, similar an onion or Stayputnik. Whereas the Mk1 Pod is based off of the Mercury capsule, the KV-1 is based off of Vostok.


Generally placed at the top of the rocket, the KV-1 Onion provides basic command module functionality.

It features a 0.625 m radial size node on top, typically used for parts like the Mk16 Parachute, docking ports, service bays, or SAS modules. On the bottom, it has a 1.25m radial node.

Notably unlike the previous pods, the KV-1 has a small heatshield integrated in, no monopropellant, and no reaction wheels. The last one requires extra care in craft design, else a mission could be curtailed or lost due to limited control options. Against the the Mk1 pod specifically, it is comparable in cost (590 funds vs 588 with all resources removed), can handle somewhat higher temperatures (both in general rating, and the aforementioned heatshield), has a slightly lower impact tolerance (12 vs 14 m/s), and is and marginally lighter (0.75 vs 0.8 tonnes without resources).

Product description

This modern cockpit includes space for three crew members, and integrated RCS thrusters.

Kerlington Model Rockets and Paper Products Inc


  • The part's CFG file suggests that this capsule was originally named "Shallot".


  • Initial Release