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The Kerbal X is a stock ship available to all players. It is a reliable, all-around ship capable of reaching orbit fairly easily and thus, is a good way for new players which have issues building their own ships to make orbit.It's total mass is 131.62t and have 74 parts. One should be aware that the stock version have no SAS or ASAS on board and it is highly recommended to add one.It also has no RCS Fuel Tank nor RCS Port.

The first stage is comprised of three Rockomax X-200-32 fuel tank and a 'Mainsail'.Also, six liquid fuel booster are staged in a Asparagus design. It as aerodynamical surfaces and a strong structure. The first stage is easily capable of launching the second stage into a parabolic trajectory, with good horizontal speed at around 90km, thus making it easy for the second stage to make orbit.The full stage with all of his boosters has 2700kN of thrust, for a Thrust to weight ratio (TWR) of 20.51. The sole 'Mainsail and relative fuel tank has a TWR of 21.36 (the total mass of the Kerbal X at that time is 70.02u.

The second stage is a Mk3 capsule mounted of a parachute, and has half of a 3m tank plus a 'Poodle' Engine. As it also has landing legs and a ladder, and hinted by the menu screen were a similar ship is seen, one can deduce that the Kerbal X was intended to land on the Mün.