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This is a list of the default key bindings of the standard game.

Key Effect Since Action group
System/UI Commands
+ Zoom view in 0.08.5
- Zoom view out 0.08.5
Mod+F2 Open debug console 0.08.5
M Orbital map toggle 0.11.0
Tab Cycle focus in orbital map 0.11.0
Shift+Tab Reverse cycle focus in orbital map 0.11.0?
Backspace Reset focus in orbital map 0.17.0
Insert Staging (default) controls 0.18
Delete Docking controls 0.18
. Time warp increase 0.11.0
, Time warp decrease 0.11.0
Mod+. Physical time warp increase (in orbit) 0.17.0
Mod+, Physical time warp decrease (in orbit) 0.17.0
. (numpad del) Toggle navball 0.12.0?
] Cycle through active ships (forwards) 0.14.0
[ Cycle through active ships (backwards) 0.14.0
F1 Screenshot 0.07.3
F2 Toggle UI visibility 0.13.0
F3 Toggle results screen 0.14.0
F4 Toggle ship labels 0.14.0
F5 Quicksave 0.14.0
hold F9 Load quicksave 0.14.0
Ctrl+F10 Load saved game state dialogue box (hidden feature, looks in KSP/saves/scenarios/) 0.14.1?
Mod+F12 Debug/cheat menu 0.19.0
Flight Controls
W Pitch adjustment (up/back) 0.07.3
S Pitch adjustment (down/forward) 0.07.3
A Yaw adjustment (port/left) 0.07.3
D Yaw adjustment (starboard/right) 0.07.3
Q Roll adjustment (clockwise) 0.07.3
E Roll adjustment (counter clockwise) 0.07.3
C Toggle camera view [auto/free/chase] in 0.13.3 0.07.3
C Toggle IVA view 0.17.0
V Toggle camera view [auto/free/orbital] since 0.17 0.17.0
Left-Shift Increase throttle 0.07.3
Left-Control Decrease throttle 0.07.3
Space Detach stage 0.07.3 Stage
T Toggle SAS 0.07.3 SAS
F Hold to temporarily invert SAS state 0.07.3
Mod+L Lock current stage (very useful before you accidentally hit the spacebar) 0.08.4
Caps Lock Toggle precision ("softer") controls 0.08.5
R Toggle RCS 0.11.0 RCS
H RCS thrust translate forward 0.11.0
N RCS thrust translate backward 0.11.0
I RCS thrust translate down 0.11.0
J RCS thrust translate left 0.11.0
K RCS thrust translate up 0.11.0
L RCS thrust translate right 0.11.0
X Cut throttle 0.12.0
G Toggle landing gear position 0.14.0 Gear
Mod+WSADQE Trim pitch/yaw/roll 0.15.0
Mod+X Reset trim 0.15.0
B Wheel brakes 0.15.0 Brakes
U Toggle vehicle lights 0.15.0 Lights
] Cycle through active ships/EVAs (forwards) 0.14.0
[ Cycle through active ships/EVAs (backwards) 0.14.0
1-9, 0 Activate custom action group 1-10 0.18.0 Custom01-10
Backspace Activate abort action group 0.18.0 Abort
Right-click Open part info window 0.15.0
Mod + Right-click Open multiple info windows for fuel transfer (right-click on two fuel tanks) 0.18.0
Home Scroll stage icons up 0.09.0
End Scroll stage icons down 0.09.0
Docking mode
W Pitch adjustment (up/back) / Translate forward 0.18.0
S Pitch adjustment (down/forward) / Translate backward 0.18.0
A Yaw adjustment (port/left) / Translate left 0.18.0
D Yaw adjustment (starboard/right) / Translate right 0.18.0
Q Roll adjustment 0.18.0
E Roll adjustment 0.18.0
Left-Shift Translate up 0.18.0
Left-Control Translate down 0.18.0
Space Toggle translation/rotation 0.18.0 SAS
EVA Commands
W Walk/jet forward 0.16.0
S Walk/jet left 0.16.0
A Walk/jet right 0.16.0
D Walk/jet back 0.16.0
Shift Jet up 0.16.0
Control Jet down 0.16.0
Space Jump/reorient/let go of part 0.16.0
F Use/board part 0.16.0
L Toggle headlamps 0.16.0
R Toggle jetpack 0.16.0
Mod Toggle movement 0.16.0
] Cycle through active ships/EVAs (forwards) 0.14.0
[ Cycle through active ships/EVAs (backwards) 0.14.0
Space Orient camera to view 0.16.0
VAB/SPH Commands
Ctrl+Z Undo last action 0.08.0
Ctrl+Y Redo last action] 0.08.0
Mod+left mouse click Duplicate part or assembly in VAB 0.08.5
C Toggle Angle Snap 0.15.0
X Cycle symmetry settings (forward) 0.08.5
Shift + X Cycle symmetry settings (backward) 0.18.0
Page Up Scroll view up 0.08.5
Page Down Scroll view down 0.08.5
Shift+Left-click Move the entire ship 0.09.0
+ / Middle-click-drag up Zoom view in 0.08.5
- / Middle-click-drag down Zoom view out 0.08.5
W Rotate part backwards 0.15.0
S Rotate part forwards 0.15.0
A Rotate part counterclockwise (flat) 0.15.0
D Rotate part clockwise (flat) 0.15.0
Q Rotate part counterclockwise 0.15.0
E Rotate part clockwise in VAB 0.15.0
Shift Hold to rotate parts in 5° instead of 90° steps 0.15.0
Space Reset part rotation 0.15.0

Highlight legend

Modifier key

Because KSP can run on different operating systems the modifier key (Mod) differs between then. In the table above the generic “Mod” key is mapped to the following keys:

  • Windows: Alt (e. g. Alt+L)
  • Mac OS: Option (⌥) (e. g. Opt+L)
  • Linux: Right Shift (e. g. Right Shift+L)

As an example Mod+L locks the current stage. The different key combinations in brackets after the text show the OS's depending key combination.

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