Kirrim Kerman

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Kirrim Kerman
Semi-official character; not seen in-game
Semi-official character; not seen in-game
Occupation: Kerbonaut
KSC ID#: 0007
Badass × No

Kirrim Kerman is a semi-official character seen in an official Squad promo trailer titled "Selection Process". Kirrim appears briefly, having a mishap with an automatically extending flag which breaks the lights in the testing room, causing the camera to switch to nightvision.


Kirrim Kerman is likely a nod by Squad to “Special Agent Kirrim” – a character invented by KSP fan and YouTuber Danny2462. Danny introduced his character in his video "Messing Around in Kerbal Space Program 3" on 29 July 2012, a year before Squad's "Selection Process" video (24 July 2013).

Danny featured S.A. Kirrim in several videos[1][2] in which we was a spy much like James Bond with exotic vehicles and dangerous missions. Other fan videos reinforced this parallel.[3] Squad's depicting an applicant named Kirrim Kerman with the designation #0007 in the Selection Process likely plays on secret agent James Bond's code number "007", which again squares with Danny's Special Agent Kirrim.



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