LT-2 Landing Strut

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Non-deployable landing strut in its triggered(left) and untriggered(right) states.
A deployable version of the landing strut.

The "LT-2 Landing Stut" is primarily used to land on Mun, Minmus and other celestial bodies. It comes in 2 versions, a deployable and a non-deployable one.


The LT-2 Landing Strut is used as a landing support when landing vertically. It is connected radially and extends with the G key (Default). While the non-deployable version has 20 times less mass, it is also less stable and is better suited for lighter and smaller landers than its deployable counterpart. The deployable LT-2 Landing Strut is also much longer when extended, making it suitable for landers with larger engines.




  • Added deployable version
  • Initial Release