LV-1 "Ant" Liquid Fuel Engine

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LV-1 "Ant" Liquid Fuel Engine
Part image
Liquid fuel engine by
Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co
Radial size Tiny, Radial mounted
Cost (total) 110.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.02 t
Drag 0.2
Max. Temp. 2000 K
Impact Tolerance 7 m/s
Research Propulsion systems.png Propulsion Systems
Unlock cost 1 500 Funds
Since version 0.18
Part configuration liquidEngineLV-1
Liquid fuel engine
Maximum thrust (1 atm) 0.51 kN
(vacuum) 2.00 kN
Isp (1 atm) 80 s
(vacuum) 315 s
Fuel consumption 0.13 Units of fuel/s

Thrust vectoring × No
Testing Environments
On the surface ✓ Yes
In the ocean ✓ Yes
On the launchpad ✓ Yes
In the atmosphere ✓ Yes
Sub orbital ✓ Yes
In an orbit ✓ Yes
On an escape ✓ Yes
Docked × No
Test by staging ✓ Yes
Manually testable ✓ Yes

The LV-1 Liquid Fuel Engine is used to provide thrust to a rocket, and is currently the weakest liquid fueled engine available. It has a relatively poor impulse compared to other liquid fueled engines but is useful on small satellites due to its size. There is a radial derivative of this engine called LV-1R Liquid Fuel Engine featuring the same engine properties and similar design.

No fuel bar appears next to LV-1 engines when they are active, so the general resource widget is the best way to see how much fuel is left.


The quote in the part description is a reference to the movie Zoolander.

Manufacturer's description

What is this, an engine for ants?

Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spaceship Parts Co.


  • Thrust increased from 1.5 to 4 kN.
  • Initial release