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|Name=LV-T45 Liquid Fuel Engine
|Role=Liquid Fuel Engine
{{PB-more|Maximum Thrust|200 kN}}
{{PB-more|Isp (1 Atm)|320}}
{{PB-more|Isp (Vacuum)|370}}
{{PB-more|Fuel Cons (1 Atm)|12.7 L/s}}
{{PB-more|Fuel Cons (Vacuum)|11.0 L/s}}
{{PB-more|Thrust Vectoring|Yes}}
{{PB-more|Gimbal Range|1.0°}}

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The LV-T45 Liquid Fuel Engine is an engine which requires fuel from external liquid fuel tanks, and must be either connected beneath them or be on the receiving end of a fuel line.


The LV-T45 is the first Liquid Fuel engine with thrust vector control, that allows efficient control of the rocket when it is most needed - during ascent and orbit correction burns. Despite having the same specific impulse as the LV-T30 Liquid Fuel Engine, the more complex LV-T45 has slightly less thrust (and longer burn time at the same fuel amount). Parallel ignition of several LV-T30 and LV-T45 engines at takeoff can lead to maximized thrust without losing control.

Like LV-T30, the LV-T45 cannot be placed on Radial Decouplers and are typically reserved as a main engine after liftoff. The LV-T45 must be directly below a non-empty fuel tank to produce any thrust.


The LV-T45 engine was considered another breakthrough in the LV-T series, due to its Thrust Vectoring feature. The LV-T45 can deflect its thrust to aid in craft control. All these added mechanics however, make for a slightly smaller and less powerful engine in comparison with earlier LV-T models.

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