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Launch pad/Box

The Launch Pad is a structure at the Kerbal Space Center whose primary use is to launch vehicles created in the Vehicle Assembly Building.

The launch pad is placed a short distance from the VAB. On its western side is a short ramp which allows wheeled vehicles to be driven down to the ground after launch. Its other sides are surrounded by equipment and blast deflectors and make for a much steeper and more hazardous descent. Several miscellaneous facilities are found nearby, and a wide track connects the base of the ramp to the VAB's main door.

Prior to version 0.19.0, the pad featured a launch tower; this was removed as it served no function while forming an obstacle to very wide vehicles. The TT18-A Launch Stability Enhancer is available instead for stabilization and support.



  • Launchpad was redesigned. The launch tower was removed.
  • Initial Release