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Laythe is one of the four natural satellites of Jool. Although mostly covered in seas, Laythe has numerous rocky, sandy islands.


Laythe's atmosphere begins at 55,500 meters and is comparable in density to Kerbin's. It is the only satellite of Jool with an atmosphere.

With proper aerobraking near Laythe and Jool, reaching Laythe may require the least delta-V of all of Jool's moons. A periapsis of 119.5 km on a Jool approach will put your apoapsis roughly near Laythe's orbit.

Reference Frames

Rotational/Inertial transition: 100,000? m

Warp Minimum Altitude
1x 0 m
5x 30,000 m
10x 30,000 m
50x 60,000 m
100x 120,000 m
1,000x 240,000 m
10,000x 480,000 m
100,000x 600,000 m



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