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{{:Linus Kerman/Box|Linus in Department Meeting}}
'''Linus Kerman''' is the KSP Science representative and [[Wernher von Kerman|Wernher]]'s intern. He is seen wearing a white lab coat.
== Description ==
Linus is Wernher Von Kerman's Intern. Because Wernher himself is too important to be bothered with these boring strategy meetings, He sends his intern in his stead.
== Gallery ==
File:Linus_whole-body_model.jpg|Whole-body 3D model published by shacknews.com<ref>"[http://www.shacknews.com/article/86391/kerbal-space-program-introducing-administration-building-to-career-mode Kerbal Space Program introducing Administration Building to Career Mode]"shacknews.com 2014-9-19</ref>
== References ==
<references />

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