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{{:Liquid fuel/Box|An [[LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine|LV-909]] burning liquid fuel and [[oxidizer]]}}
'''Liquid fuel''', sometimes called '''jet fuel''', is a [[resource]] used to power an [[engine]], used either in conjunction with [[oxidizer]] or [[intake air]] depending on the engine type. It is stored in [[liquid fuel tank]]s or fuselages. Because jet engines use this fuel too, it is sometimes called jet fuel, but there is no difference between both fuels.
== Associated container and engine types ==
Liquid fuel tanks contain both liquid fuel and oxidizer while fuselages contain only liquid fuel. [[Liquid fuel engine|Rocket engines]] using liquid fuel and oxidizer use a volumetric mixture of 9 units of liquid fuel per 11 units of [[oxidizer]]. All rocket fuel tanks store liquid fuel and oxidizer in this ratio. [[Jet engine]]s use intake air in a volumetric mixture of 1 unit of liquid fuel per 15 units of intake air. Because all three resources have the same density the volumetric ratio is also the mass ratio.
== Flow and transfer ==
Liquid fuel's [[Resource#Flow modes|flow mode]] is adjacent. With the use of an [[FTX-2 External Fuel Duct]] nonadjacent tanks can be linked. Even without a fuel duct it is still possible to [[Fuel transfer|transfer fuel]] between them manually.
== Real world equivalent ==
Although the official equivalent is unknown some compare liquid fuel to [[w:RP-1|RP-1]] a kerosene usually used in the first stages of a rocket. Both RP-1 and liquid fuel can be stored at room temperature without boiling off. But the mass mixture ratio of RP-1 and liquid oxygen, the common oxidizer for RP-1, is usually above 2 units of oxidizer per unit of RP-1 higher than the 1.22 for liquid fuel and oxidizer.<ref>[http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets_1/Diverse/Russian_Rocket_engines/engines.htm Russian/Ukrainian space-rocket and missile liquid-propellant engines]</ref><ref>[http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets_2/Diverse/U.S._Rocket_engines/engines.htm U.S. space-rocket liquid propellant engines]</ref>
== See also ==
* {{Wikipedia|Liquid rocket propellants}}
== References ==
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