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*None known
* 0 degrees, 0 degrees, there is a perfect square pyramid.

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There are numerous anomalous formations on the surfaces of bodies in the Kerbol System. Some remain undiscovered as of today.


  • None known


  • There are large, steep vertical "tunnels" that could be considered easter eggs, and anomalous forces are present around the rim of each tunnel.


  • None known


  • 0 degrees, 0 degrees, there is a perfect square pyramid.


  • Five Monoliths
  • Second Kerbal Space Center
  • Memorial to the Mk1 Command Pod
  • A temple in the desert
  • A crashed flying saucer on northern ice cap
  • Scorched Mk1 Command Pod, Liquid fuel tank and LV-T45 rocket in a hangar on the Island Airport


  • Three monoliths
  • Three mun Arches - One mun arch was underground, but that has been fixed as of 0.18.
  • Neil Armstrong Memorial
  • Crashed Flying Saucer


  • One floating monolith


  • Giant Kerbal face
  • The camera which looks like that of the Curiosity rover, buried in the soil (appears to be underground, as of at least 0.19.1)
  • Hill making SSTV signal


  • Magic Boulder - There is a monolith on the boulder. Boulder contains strange clipping boundaries that can result in your ship exploding seemingly spontaneously. it also seems to glow green as if it is radioactive.


  • None known


  • None known


  • A normal stone is floating on one of the large islands


  • Stonehenge formation in the southern hemisphere


  • Crater with Carl Sagan's face
  • Cave-like underground formation



  • None known


  • None known


  • Some of the cockpits have post-it notes and other humorous writings inside them. The writing is somewhat blurry and hard to read, but still legible. For transcripts of the notes, see the respective part pages.

Main Menu

The Mun dust castle.

One of the two main menu images is that of a Kerbal standing on the Mun's surface, with Kerbin in the background. There is a 1 in 40 chance that a sand castle made of Mun dust can be seen at his feet.


  • On the Z-100 and Z-400 Rechargeable batteries, the logo claims the batteries were made by Batt Man Batteries.


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