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There are numerous anomalous formations on the surfaces of bodies in the Kerbol System. Some remain undiscovered as of today.

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  • None known


  • There are large, steep vertical "tunnels" that could be considered easter eggs, and anomalous forces are present around the rim of each tunnel.


  • None known


  • 0 degrees, 0 degrees, there is a perfect square pyramid.


  • Five Monoliths
  • Inland Kerbal Space Center
  • Memorial to the Mk1 Command Pod (Destructible as part of the VAB)
  • A temple in the desert
  • A crashed flying saucer on northern ice cap
  • The Old Airfield has a hangar containing old versions of these parts: a Command Pod Mk1 (but scorched and oversized), an FL-T400 Fuel Tank and an LV-T45 Liquid Fuel Engine.
  • At the exact north pole, there is perfect square pyramid which flips Kerbals randomly. This is not really an easter egg, but is a product of glitches in terrain mapping.
  • The giant flagpole at KSC can be climbed by Kerbals.
  • When the Astronaut Complex is destroyed, a toilet is visible in the rubble.
  • In the ocean just south of the KSC, about midway between land and the southern ice cap (about 30° S, 80° W), engraved into the ocean floor is a giant smiley face, best seen from orbit or on a topography map like File:Kerbin heightmap.jpg.
  • Strange formations of islands, near the continent which looks like South America.[coordinates missing][dubious]


  • Three monoliths
  • Three mun Arches
  • Neil Armstrong Memorial
  • Crashed Flying Saucer


Broken terrain on the south pole of minimus.
  • One monolith
  • Broken terrain on north and south pole.


  • Giant Kerbal face
The Giant Kerbal Face of Duna
  • The camera which looks like that of the Curiosity rover, buried in the soil (visible on only high terrain detail)
  • Hill making SSTV signal (source of signal now several hundred meters beneath hill as of 0.22)
  • Broken terrain on north and south poles including pyramid on the north pole.


  • Magic Boulder - There is a monolith on the boulder. Boulder contains strange clipping boundaries that can result in ships exploding seemingly spontaneously. It also seems to glow green as if it is radioactive. It is missing since 0.18.
  • A pyramid at the north pole similar to the one on Kerbin that flips the kerbals.
  • A large dark patch near the equator (-13.5791, 26.7627). The patch is only present when in 'space near' Ike; it is invisible on all map views. Present since at least 0.25.


  • None known


  • None known


  • None known


Formation on Vall
  • Stonehenge formation in the southern hemisphere


  • Crater with Carl Sagan's face [Gone]
  • Cave-like formation. Ironically enough, the cave is hundreds of metres below the ground (since 0.24 or earlier)



  • None known


  • None known.


  • While not easter eggs per se, the exact geographical poles of most bodies have highly unusual topography, usually making them inaccessible.


An average of the skin color in Kerbal arm textures compared to the rumored colors
  • The color of the Kerbals' skin is close to is #BADA55 (   ) in hexadecimal but does not match it exactly. The hexadecimal RGB value spells like “badass” in leetspeek. Some say #84D455 (   ) is the color of a Kerbal which is even further away than #BADA55. This connection is rumored, because Kerbals can have a BadS flag, which is usually interpreted as badass.


  • Some of the cockpits have post-it notes and other humorous writings inside them. The writing is somewhat blurry on normal settings and hard to read, but still legible. For transcripts of the notes, see the respective part pages.


Loading Screen

Main Menu

  • One of the two main menu images is that of a Kerbal standing on the Mun's surface, with Kerbin in the background. There is a 1 in 40 chance that a sand castle made of Mun dust can be seen at his feet.


The Kerbal XX orbiting Duna
  • During the Space Station One scenario, by zooming out far enough to show the planetary map, a ship by the name of 'Kerbal XX' can be seen orbiting around Duna in a near-equatorial orbit (as of 0.23)


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