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{{Stub|article was copied from [[User:Heimdall]] and|In version [[1.0.5]] it may have changed how progression-based contracts are automatically accepted when reaching the related progress}}
A little bit of backstory for KSP is provided through progression-based [[contract]]s. These consist of the [[Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society]] contracts (WFRKS) and exploration contracts. The special feature of this contracts is that they have deadline date (after they are excepted). The exploration contracts are offered through random agencies and always consist of entering SOI, achieving orbit, transmitting/recovery data from orbit, landing and transmitting/recovery of data from surface.
Please note that most of the contracts are offered only for a limited time!
Sometimes you have to decline some contracts in order for a "story" contract to pop up when the pre-conditions are met (the contracts will not be offered again, if you miss the first opportunity).
If an objective is achieved before the corresponding contract is accepted, the contract will vanish without any benefits for completion. As the WFRKS contracts are very profitable that is not desireable (at least in the beginning).
WFRKS will sometimes also offer "normal" contracts, that expire.
'''Starting Contracts'''
*Launch our first vessel!
:*Acception of contract also starts altitude, speed and distance contracts that are automatically accepted and do not take up a contract slot:
::*Set altitude record of 3,500m.
::*Set altitude record of 7,500m.
::*Set altitude record of 11.5km.
::*Set altitude record of 19km.
::*Set altitude record of 26.5km.
::*Set altitude record of 70km.
::*Set speed record of 150m/s.
::*Set speed record of 300m/s.
::*Set speed record of 450m/s.
::*Set speed record of 750m/s.
::*Set speed record of 1050m/s.
::*Set speed record of 2500m/s.
:*Distance (from KSC)
::*Set distance record of 5,000m.
::*Set distance record of 11km.
::*Set distance record of 17km.
::*Set distance record of 28km.
::*Set distance record of 39km.
*Gather scientific data from Kerbin.
*Escape the atmosphere!
*Orbit Kerbin!
'''Later contracts (some can expire?)'''
*Rendevous two vessels in orbit of Kerbin.
*Dock two vessels in orbit of Kerbin.
*Build a new orbital station around Kerbin. (antenna, docking port, generate power and at least 6 kerbal capacity)
*Ferry four tourists safely to their destinations and back.
*Mun contracts
:*Fly by the Mun.
:*Orbit the Mun.
:*Return to Kerbin from orbit of the Mun.
:*Land on the Mun.
*Minmus contracts
:*Fly by Minmus.
:*Orbit Minmus. (not offered, maybe missed)
:*Return to Kerbin from orbit of Minmus. (expires after 3d, offered after orbit around Minmus)
:*Land on Minmus. (not offered, maybe missed)
:*Explore Minmus.
::#Dock two vessels on or around Minmus.
::#Rendezvous two vessels in orbit of Minmus.
*Kerbol (the sun) contracts:
:*Fly by the Sun. (expires after 6d, offered after recovery of vessel from Minmus)
*Duna contracts:
:* Explore Duna.
::# Fly by Duna
::# Gather scientific data from Duna
*Eve contracts:
:* Explore Eve (not offered, maybe missed).
::# Fly by Eve
:* Explore Eve.
::# Orbit Eve
::# Gather scientific data from Eve
::# Return to Kerbin from orbit of Eve

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