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[[File:Simple Fairing.png|thumb|left|A simple fairing made with M-2x2 Structural Panels.]]
{{:M-2x2 Structural Panel/Box}}
The '''M-2x2 Structural Panel''', is a structural element that can be used for construction. The panel consists of four [[M-1x1 Structural Panel]]s horizontally attached. The M-2x2 Structural Panel has a high impact tolerance, and has a relatively low mass which makes it a handy part for almost every vessel.  The M-2x2 structural panel can be used as a walkway for kerbals in [[space station]]s and on large [[rover]]s.
Because of the high impact tolerance, the part has been popularised as armor for weaponized craft such as rovers and spaceplanes.
== Product description ==
{{Quote|Four M-1x1 have been arranged in a 2x2 layout for this part, then stuck together with super glue.}}
== Changes ==
*Initial release

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