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The MK2 Drone Core is an unmanned [[command module]] for the Mk2 [[radial size]], which was included in the Spaceplane Plus mod added to KSP 0.25. It works like a probe core and requires electricity for it to function.
== Usage ==
One possible usage for the Mk2 Drone core is to test aircraft or [[Spaceplane|spaceplanes]], to avoid killing Kerbals in the case of an accident during testing, or to make the craft accessible when each of the [[Kerbonaut]]s have left the craft. It has a special property unique to it - the amount of torque generated by its [[reaction wheel]]s depends on the [[Axis|axes]]. The torque of pitch axis is 15 kN·m, but the torques of yaw and roll axes are only 3 kN·m. Thus, many players use it as a Mk2 size reaction wheel to give their spaceplanes more control, especially in space, where aerodynamic control surfaces won't work.
== Product description ==
{{Quote|After extensive research and testing to improve the safety factor of next-generation modules for their Mk2 series, engineers at C7 Aerospace got fed up with having to constantly find new recruits willing to test their prototypes, and decided to develop an autonomous AI capable of doing the same job, only with a lot less screaming over the comms link. This was met with divided opinions, some criticizing C7 as taking the "booooring" route, others praising them for the innovation, while yet others reacted by shutting themselves in bunkers in anticipation of the time when these units will gain sentience and turn on their creators. C7 has vehemently denied any involvement in all sentient-AI-related catastrophes so far.|C7 Aerospace Division}}
== Trivia ==
* There are visible reaction wheels next to the probe core unit which strangely are the same size and shape no matter what axis they are on.
== Changes ==
* Initial release
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