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Map Viewは飛行画面の第2の表示モードである。機体や天体の予測軌道が表示されている。以下のような飛行に重要な情報が得られる。:

  • 現在の機体高度、位置、速度
  • 軌道上の近点・遠点・機体の位置、高度、到達時間
  • 他天体重力圏の突入と機体軌道の変化。



→ メイン記事: Maneuver node

While the map view is useful for viewing your current orbital projection, its real power is in the "maneuver" system. This allows you to plan orbits and burns in advance, and make sure you end up exactly where you want to be. The maneuver system is extremely valuable for docking events.

How To Plan a Maneuver

If you mouse over your current orbital trajectory a small transparent blue icon will appear. Left click to bring up a menu and click on "Add Maneuver".

Now you can drag six icons to see what will happen if you were to burn in that direction. If the maneuver is in the wrong place you can delete it by, right clicking in the center and then clicking on the little red "x" that pops up, or you can click and hold the center and move the maneuver's position on the flight path.

The maneuver will show up next to the Navball along with remaining time until the burn, and total remaining delta v. You can plan multiple maneuvers that chain off each other. There are many different orbital maneuvers one can try.


Map view with a rocket about to encounter the Mun in relative mode (3)

ゲームフォルダにあるsettings.cfgのCONIC_PATCH_DRAW_MODEの値を書き換えることでMap Viewの軌道描画モードを変更することが出来る。

  • 0 - Local to Body : Patches are drawn in relation to the current position of each orbiting body.
  • 1 - Local at SOI Entry UT : Patches are drawn in relation to the body, but at the time of SOI entry.
  • 2 - Local at SOI Exit UT : Same as 1 but at the time of leaving the SOI.
  • 3 - Relative(連続線モード) : 初期設定。Patches are drawn in relation to the current body being orbited.
  • 4 - Dynamic : An experimental mode blending trajectory lines relative to the local and parent body

詳しい説明は以下の動画で見ることが出来る。 Space Program -Hidden Settings