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Minmus is a small moon of Kerbin. From the surface of Kerbin or Mun, it is a purple speck which appears to slightly oscillate vertically. This is a result of viewing its rotation from afar. Up close, it is mint green in appearance with what seem to be icy buttes, large hills, and frozen lakes. The highest areas are over 5.7 km in altitude. It is more difficult to reach Minmus orbit than Mun orbit, but easier to land and take off.

Orbital Characteristics

  • Synodic Period from Kerbin's Surface: 14 days, 3 hours, 1 second (1220401 seconds)

Synchronous orbit around Minmus is possible at an altitude of 0.00 m.


Minmus has a very uneven surface, with substantial areas over 6 km high. The vast majority of the surface is rolling hills, with lakes of a frozen substance concentrated near the equator.[1] The lakes are almost perfectly flat and mostly at datum altitude (0 m).

Reference Frames

Rotational/Inertial transition: 100,000 m

Warp Minimum Altitude
1x n/a
5x 3,000 m
10x 3,000 m
50x 6,000 m
100x 12,000 m
1,000x 24,000 m
10,000x 48,000 m
100,000x 60,000 m



  • Minmus's name is likely derived from the Latin word "minimus", which denotes the smallest member of a group of beings or creatures. Since Minmus is the smallest member of the Kerbin system, this makes sense.
  • It is possible to land and takeoff Minmus with the EVA jetpack at 100% fuel.


  • Minmus is no longer tidally locked to Kerbin.[2]
  • Minmus' mass reduced. [3]
  • Synchronous orbit is now possible. Previously, it would have required an altitude of 0.00 m, outside Minmus' sphere of influence.
  • Initial Release

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