Mk-55 "Thud" Liquid Fuel Engine

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The Mark 55 Radial mount engine is used to provide thrust to a rocket and is fueled by FL-T250 Fuel Tanks.


The Mark 55 is the thirdLiquid Fuel engine with thrust vector control, that allows efficient control of the rocket when it is most needed - during ascent and orbit correction burns. Despite having the same fuel specific impulse as LV-T30 and LV T-45 Liquid Fuel Engines, the much smaller and lighter LV-909 has dramatically less thrust (and longer burn time at the same fuel amount). The low thrust makes the LV-909 unsuitable as a main engine on most lower stages, but the low mass allows for more efficient upper stages. More importantly, the LV-909 is short enough that LT-2 Landing Struts can extend past it. Because of this, the LV-909 is the primary choice for lander engines in 0.14.x.

Like LV-T30 and -45, the LV-909 are not placeable on Radial Decouplers. The LV-909 must be directly to a non-empty FL-T500 or FL-T250 Fuel Tank, or fed by a fuel line to produce any thrust.

The thrust vectoring on this engine tends to be more useful than on the LV-T45, due to both the radial mounting, and use as a stabilizer.




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