Mk16-XL Parachute

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Mk16-XL Parachute
Part image
Parachute by
Found lying by the side of the road

Radial size Small
Cost (total) 850.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.30 t
Drag 0.22
Max. Temp. 2500 K
Volume  ?
Impact Tolerance 12 m/s
Research Advanced landing.png Landing
Unlock cost 4 600 Funds
Since version 0.16
Part configuration parachuteMk16-XL.cfg
Semi-deploy drag 1
Semi-deploy trigger 0.04 atm
Fully-deploy drag 500
Fully-deploy trigger 1000 m AGL
Max. Temp chute 650 K
Testing Environments
On the surface No
In the ocean No
On the launchpad No
In the atmosphere Yes
Sub orbital No
In an orbit No
On an escape No
Docked No
Test by staging Yes
Manually testable No

The Mk16-XL Parachute module is a parachute part which, once deployed in the atmosphere, will slow down attached parts. As it relies on the atmosphere, it is only useful on a few planets and moons, such as Kerbin, but due to 'simplicity' of the simulation, it can be relied onto a safely bring a command pod down to the surface, maybe even with a few extra parts attached. Its properties are similar to the Mk16 Parachute but has a higher mass and because of the simulation also a higher drag.


When deployed the parachute will act as a drag chute until reaching an altitude less than 500 meters above the ground. Once under 500 meters the parachute will open, thus slowing down the attached parts even more to a (hopefully) nice safe descent. The parachutes' efficiency depends of atmospheric density (requires a minimum air pressure of 0.01 atm), so they will not work or deploy in vacuum (i.e. in space or on small celestial bodies without atmosphere, such as the Mun).


The Mk16-XL Parachute is a double-sized variant of the Mk16, now with only 50% of the structural integrity!

unknown engineer



  • Can no longer be placed radially
  • Initial release