Mk16 Parachute

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The Mk16 Parachute module is primarily used to slow the descent of the Command Pod Mk1.


When deployed the parachute will act as a drag chute until reaching an altitude less than 500 meters above the ground. Once under 500 meters the parachute will fully deploy slowing down the Command Pod to less than 20m/s for a nice safe descent. Don't forget that parachute's efficiency depends of atmospheric density, so it won't work or even deploy in vacuum (including Munar landing).

As of v0.17, parachutes do not appear to subtract any of their mass from the craft they're attached to when they disappear post-landing.


The Mk16 Parachute might be considered by some to be little more than a random stitching together of the surplus parts it is, in fact, made from. But the fact remains that the Mk16 has been widely accepted as a generally better alternative to being in freefall. Parachutes can be deployed even if they're disconnected from the ship.

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see also: Version History

  • (part rebalancing) Changed weight from 0.3 to 0.1, and fully deployed drag from 55 to 500.
  • (undocumented) Parachutes can now be radially attached. (previously they could only be placed on nodes)
  • Parts now have an ActivatesEvenIfDisconnected parameter on the cfg to allow them to be activated after jettisoning
  • Fixed parachutes not deploying if not set to the last stage. (they can still deploy when jettisoned)
  • Parachutes now have a 'useAGL' parameter. If that's enabled, it will deploy when it reaches deploy altitude from ground level
  • (undocumented) Parachutes no longer deploy outside of the atmosphere
  • Parachutes can now deploy automatically if jettisoned along with other parts (allowing for parts to be safely landed)
  • Added some sound effects for the parachute opening
  • Added cfg-definable parameter for parachute autodeployment delay
  • Initial release