Mk3 Cargo Ramp

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Mk3 Cargo Bay Ramp/Box

The Mk3 Cargo Ramp is a ramp for Mk3-sized cargo bays designed to allow transfer of cargo on and off a spacecraft.


Open ramp

The ramp's opening mechanics differs from the standard cargo bays. The construction of the "standard" types are opened on both endings, having pair of doors in the side of the bay, making the stacking possible. This part ends one of the ending of the cargo bay, and open-able by a ramp. This ramp makes the drive in (and naturally off) to the cargo bay of a landed craft by a smaller rover possible.

To open and close the ramp, right-click the on the ramp, and push the Open/Close button. An action group can also can be used for this purpose; by employing the Toggle Ramp command, the doors can be opened and closed by a single keystroke. The opening angle can be tweaked by the bar of the DeployLimit ( - the number in the bar doesn't mean the angle in degree!)

Product description

A sophisticated deployment system for cargo delivery on the ground, or on the sea, or in mid-air, or in a vacuum. Wherever you want, really.

C7 Aerospace Division


  • Initial release