Mk3 Fuselage

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The Mk3 Fuselage is a structural element that connects seamlessly to the Mk3 Cockpit cockpit. It carries 240 units of liquid fuel and is fuel crossfeed capable.


It would be used as a main fuselage of the larger spaceplanes, but due to limited amounts of Mk3 parts, and the limited capacity of the Mk3 parts, it has a limited role in spaceplane building. Although, there is an Mk3 to Mk2 Adapter which connects these parts to Mk2 parts seamlessly.

Like each fuel tank, the amount of the stored liquid fuel is tweakable, as its reserve status, in the SPH. Of course, the reserve status can be changed after the launch too.

Product description

This airframe fuselage features the latest in re-entry survivability. Apparently air gets very hot at high speeds (Who knew?!). To combat this, we attached only the finest in slightly used thermal tiles to the under belly.


  • Dry mass increased from 0.3&nsbp;t to 0.4 t. Cost increased from 550 to 1550.
  • Initial release