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Density 4 kg/l
Transferable ✓ Yes
Flow mode Everywhere
Cost 1.2 Funds/l
0.3 Funds/kg
Since version Unknown
Monopropellant is a resource that is used by RCS thrusters. It is stored in separate tanks from liquid fuel or oxidizer, and may be transferred around a vessel. Stored monopropellant is available to every thruster on a vessel. As of version 0.23.5[outdated], containers on earlier stages are drained before containers on later stages.Monopropellant is also used by the jetpacks worn by Kerbals on EVA. Each kerbonaut can carry 5 liters, which is enough for about 600 m/s of Δv. The jetpack is resupplied when the kerbonaut enters a command module, but as of version 0.23.5[outdated] this action does not remove any monopropellant from the craft's supply.== References ==