Old Airfield

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View from the above

The Insular Kerbal Space Center is comprised of a landing strip, hangars and a tower located on the largest of the string of islands east of the main Kerbal Space Center. The landing strip has a grass-like texture which makes it harder to find from the air. It is also quite elevated making it hazardous to overshoot and falling off the strip or turning at an end.

Spoiler: Easter egg
Picture of the old parts in hangar three
In the far right hangar, there are some old rusty parts lying around. These are the old models of the Command Pod Mk1, FL-T400 Fuel Tank and the LV-T30 Liquid Fuel Engine. Note that the command pod's scale is incorrect; it now appears to have a large radial size on the bottom, although it had a small one while still available as a part.