Old Airfield

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Old Airfield
Old Airfield
1° 32′ 27″ S
71° 54′ 35″ W
Altitude 117 m
Since version 0.18

The Insular Airfield is an airport situated on an island of the coast of the continent the main KSC is on, and is a prime first target for beginner spaceplane pilots. It is comprised of a landing strip, hangars and a tower located on the largest of the string of islands 31 km east of the KSC. The surface of the landing strip is sand and is on an elevated area making it hazardous to overshoot and falling off the strip or turning at an end. Prior to the redesign in version 0.22 the landing strip had a grass-like texture, which made it harder to find from the air.

With 0.22 the buildings are now south of the strip instead of north. The tower looks ruinous with segments of the façade fallen down and ivy growing inside the building. It is still possible to get to the top with a Kerbal via an external staircase at the north side of the tower.

The landing strip is not illuminated. There is only one light on top of the tower. Unlike the KSC, the Insular Airfield is visible from low orbit, despite it's smaller size.


The Insular Airfield was once a thriving space center, back before KSC. It was owned by Insular Inc. Then one day, their Recco Space Station exploded in orbit (possibly from a Kraken). All the astronauts on the station died, except for Bill Kerman. He barely managed to get back home alive. Bill was crushed by the loss of his comrades Insular was so devastated that they shut down entirely. The old island is now overgrown, the launch pad and all the buildings eventually collapsed. The control tower and hanger survive only today because of Bill's efforts. 20 years later, Bill Kerman heard that a new space center was being built close to his beloved Insular Airfield. He rushed to apply as an astronaut. He was accepted on account of his experience. Now every time he travels into space, he is scared that his rocket will explode and he will die. But he loves space flight so much that he just bears it.


Spoiler: Easter egg
Picture of the old parts in hangar three

In the far right hangar, there are some old rusty parts lying around. These are the old models of the Command Pod Mk1, FL-T400 Fuel Tank and the LV-T30 Liquid Fuel Engine. Note that the command pod's scale is incorrect; it now appears to have a large radial size on the bottom, although it had a small one while still available as a part. This is the command pod that Bill Kerman escaped from the exploding Recco Space Station.