Orbiter 1A

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The Orbiter 1A

The Orbiter 1A is a kind of payload, needs a launch vehicle to reach the stable orbit (the core and boosters of the Kerbal X can serve this purpose). It can be used for practicing the orbital maneuvers there, and it possesses a set of landing legs for the most ambitious.


The Orbiter 1A is a training craft for orbital maneuvering. Despite not being able to reach orbit on its own, it's a very maneuverable and fun to fly ship once it gets there.



The Orbiter 1A has 1.6 km/s of delta-V, plus about 350 m/s from its RCS thrusters. Between this and its parachute, it can safely land on any solid body except for Tylo, and take off again from any aside from Eve, Kerbin, Moho, Vall, and Laythe. Landing on Eve or Kerbin may require discarding all but the Mk1-2 Command Pod, and the Duna land-and-ascend mission is marginal -- expending RCS fuel prior to takeoff may be necessary.