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An ore tank is a unique class of tanks that are empty by default in editor as used to store ore mined from a planetary body using a resource harvester, instead of propellant for the engines. The ore has no serious financial value of the ore, but can be used to produce fuel with converter and vast amount of electricity. These tanks store the ore temporally from exploitation till conversion. Ore tanks were introduced in version 1.0. As of version 1.0.5 there are three Ore Tanks, the Large Holding Tank, the Small Holding Tank and the Radial Holding Tank.

List of ore tanks

Ore density is 10 kg/unit Mass
(Units of fuel)
Image Part Radial size Cost
Full Empty Max. Temp.
Radial Holding Tank Radial mounted 299
(300)[Note 1]
0.875 0.125 2 000 7 50 75
Small Holding Tank.png
Small Holding Tank Small 994
(1000)[Note 1]
3.5 0.5 2 000 7 50 300
Large Holding Tank.png
Large Holding Tank Large 2 970
(3 000)[Note 1]
17.0 2.0 2 000 7 50 1 500
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Unlike the fuel tanks, these tanks are empty by default, and can be manually filled during vehicle assembly.