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Delta-V comparison of three RV-105 RCS Thruster Block as massless and normal parts

Some parts within the game are listed as having a small mass, but in the config file a flag is set "PhysicsSignificance = 1". This has the effect that in flight physics calculations such as mass and drag are not calculated for that part. When constructing a craft, the root part can't be such a part.


A craft with only massless parts starts to oscillate after a short time and then starts to destroy itself. But this is usually not possible because the root part is always not a massless part. The game can change the property on the fly, because when a new root part after decoupling would be massless the game removes that special status.

List of massless parts

Parts with PhysicsSignificance = 1 as of 1.0.2

Note that the LT-2 Landing Strut has PhysicsSignificance = 0 in its part.cfg. This does nothing, and the part behaves as normal.

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