Ravenspear Mk1

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The Ravenspear Mk1 ready to start

The Ravenspear Mk1 is a stock plane capable of supersonic (rumours of hypersonic, too (according to Jeb)) flight. It has two TurboJet Engines and one Basic Jet Engine mounted between the Turbojet engines. It only has 2 Circular Intakes. The ladder of the craft is usable only for leaving the craft, as the right canard blocks the climbing up on the ladder, and the embarkation.

There are no action groups set up, but it is useful to have one to switch between the two engine types. This way it is possible to start with the subsonic Basic Jet Engine and later switch to the TurboJet Engines. All engines feed from their own tanks and there is no cross feeding.

Despite its looks, the Ravenspear Mk1 is not capable of spaceflight. However, the Aeris 4A is.

As of 0.25, the Ravenspear Mk1 has been modified to use the Spaceplane Plus parts added into KSP at that time.

The Ravenspear Mk1 on the runway (1.0.5)


The first model of the Ravenspear series of fast, high-altitude aircraft, the Mk1 is fitted with three engines: One central one that is most efficient at low altitudes, and two high-altitude ones that come into their own at 5km and higher. Its canard design has been called "very flyable, actually" by a few famous test pilots, although they also warn of the tendency to strike the tail on takeoff if pulling up too eagerly. Although they remark "it's good that there are more engines, if you break that middle one".


Possible improvements

The supplied plane works fine, but there are a few tweaks to make it even better:

  • Tweak the control surfaces so the elevons on the wings do roll only, the canards do pitch only and the tail planes do yaw only.
  • change the MK1 cockpit and the adapter to an MK2 cockpit.
  • Make the ladder useful.
  • Make some action groups suggesting one to toggle the Basic Jet Engine and another to toggle the TurboJet Engines.