S1 SRB-KD25k "Kickback" Solid Fuel Booster

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S1 SRB-KD25k "Kickback" Solid Fuel Booster
Part image
Solid rocket booster by
Radial size Small, Radial mounted
Cost (total) 2 700.00 Funds
(dry) 1 140.00 Funds
Mass (total) 24.00 t
(dry) 4.50 t
Drag 0.2-0.3
Max. Temp. 2200 K
Impact Tolerance 7 m/s
Research Tech tree heavy rocketry.png Heavy Rocketry
Unlock cost 8 000 Funds
Since version 0.23.5
Part configuration MassiveSRB
Solid rocket booster
Maximum thrust (1 atm) 593.86 kN
(vacuum) 670.00 kN
Isp (1 atm) 195 s
(vacuum) 220 s
Fuel consumption 41.41 Units of fuel/s

Thrust vectoring × No
Fuel 2600.0 Units of fuel
Burn time (1 atm) 55.7 s
(vacuum) 62.8 s
Testing Environments
On the surface × No
In the ocean × No
On the launchpad ✓ Yes
In the atmosphere ✓ Yes
Sub orbital ✓ Yes
In an orbit ✓ Yes
On an escape × No
Docked × No
Test by staging ✓ Yes
Manually testable ✓ Yes

The S1 SRB-KD25k is a solid rocket booster even larger than the Rockomax BACC Solid Fuel Booster. While the specific impulse is identical the amount of thrust is slightly more than twice of the BACC SRB. The amount of fuel is almost tripled.

Manufacturer's description

This super heavy booster is designed to be recovered after jettisoning. Once recovered, it is refurbished and refueled for another launch.



  • Initial release