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KSP Scenarios are campaign-like missions that can be completed with skill and experience. The four scenarios that KSP comes with are:

Scenario Name Description
EVA in Kerbin Orbit Jebediah Kerman on EVA about 40 meters away from his ship.
Impending Impact The Mun 7 flyby spacecraft is heading straight for an impact with the Mun! See if you can avoid a catastrophe and get Jebediah back home!
Mun Orbit The Kerbal 11 Mission in low Mun Orbit. This mission is comprised of two docked vehicles, the Landing Module and the Command Module. The lander is undocked from the Command module, flies down to land, then returns to orbit where the Command Module will rendezvous and dock with it. After that, the lander is discarded and the crew leaves Mun orbit to return home.
Station One Space Station 1 is a small refueling outpost at low Kerbin orbit, where ships can stop to fill up before leaving on interplanetary missions.