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  • ...eatures. Use the demo to get an idea of what playing the game is like, but don't forget that the full product has so much more. Trust me. It's worth it! ...move them back one at a time and see if the button works again after each one. If it doesn't work, the last save folder you copied is corrupt. Your progr
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  • * No Plugin loading. * Only one save profile allowed.
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  • ...lder for each type of part. This is certainly an acceptable practice, and one that Squad uses themselves. For example: /Engines/ to place all of your e ...a stock-capable parts pack, you may want a more subfolders, one for parts, one for agencies, another for contracts, etc, etc.
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  • ...equally heavy and perfectly balanced on this single point. That is always one single point in space, and unless you have a very oddly shaped rocket, that ...balance it as long as you work hard on it, and it can very easily tilt to one side, and if it does it falls FAST. And second, it's surprisingly more easy
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  • Landing on the [[Mun]] is no easy task. With a reasonable gravity well, and no atmosphere, the rocky natural terrain makes a rocky grave for Kerbonauts. T If you don't have the MechJeb Embedded mod you will need to add a MechJeb AR202 case.
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  • Going to the [[Mun]] is one thing. Going there and landing is another. But getting there, and back with ...p;m/s. Map view will show you in an escape trajectory, here you may panic. Don't. At this point steely nerves like Jeb are required. Hopefully, your sling
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  • Strut Connectors require two steps for placement on a craft. After placing one end of the strut, click somewhere else in range to place the other end. Onc Note that struts will automatically detach from both attached parts when one of those parts is lost via [[stage|staging]] or [[Docking|undocking]].
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  • ...the animation type that KSP uses), so you're in for a world of pain if you don't stick to Unity 4.2.2. There appears to be information somewhere that Unit Tris are what every model is made out of in any 3D game to date. No matter what program you use a game engine will split your model into the sm
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  • Part Modules all have one thing in common: They extend the PartModule class. The PartModule class d So, let's go ahead and extend PartModule. You don't need to add any ''using'' directives; It's in the global namespace as lon
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  • ...ould note that Mun (like the majority of celestial bodies in the game) has no [[atmosphere]]. That means [[parachute]]s do not work when descending to th
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  • ...d at the end of the description of the activity. The other game modes have no restrictions. ...[[command module]] or [[EAS-1 External Command Seat]]- not necessarily the one they launched on. Before version 0.25, EVA was the only way to transfer cre
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  •, short "pancake rocket" will experience much more drag than a tall slim one, because air can only move out of the way of the rocket at limited speeds a ...placed at an equal distance from the centerline and an equal distance from one another, so that they are balanced in all directions; this is generally goo
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  • similar to [[Moho]] and [[Eeloo]] in that it has no [[atmosphere]] and no natural satellites (aside from a ring system of asteroids). Dres has the l ...ears to be ice. The highest points are just under 5.7 km in altitude. One notable geographic feature is a canyon just south of the equator, which is
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  •, short "pancake rocket" will experience much more drag than a tall slim one, because air can only move out of the way of the rocket at limited speeds a ...r vehicle will be considered "wired" and can be supplied by the batteries, no matter what's in-between.
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  • The '''navball''' is one of the primary instruments to control the craft. Understanding the navball ...d the prograde/retrograde vectors will act as if the ground and atmosphere don't move. This is useful for jet plane navigation because air intakes and wi
    16 KB (2,559 words) - 11:37, 19 July 2018
  • * One [[Green Monolith]] (Randomly spawns for each game) * One [[Green Monolith]] (Randomly spawns for each game)
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  • ...planet. It is the [[w:Mars|Mars]] analog for Kerbal Space Program. It has one tidally-locked and large natural satellite, the [[moon]] [[Ike]]. Duna is a ...has nearly the same inclination as Kerbin around Kerbol, making the planet one of the easiest to [[encounter]]. If the planets align properly, using a ba
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  • ...png doesn't require much]. A couple fuel tanks, a parachute, and at least one light thruster should do it (note that landing legs, RCS, and SAS are recom ...ular orbit at an altitude no higher than 200,000 m. Because there is no atmosphere, you do not have to worry about drag at any altitude.
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  • ...efficient to build your craft with tanks that only contain liquid fuel and no oxidizer. ...usually stabilized before completely filling the overheat bar) but this is no longer the case and very long burns can be performed without fear of overhe
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  • [[File:Duna map.png|thumb|225px|right|Duna. If you don't see this at some point during the tutorial, you've probably done it incor ...ermination, you can successfully land on Duna and return to Kerbin, all in one ship, with ease.
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