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The game can automatically set up the stages of a craft, based on the assumption that decouplers serve to separate stages once they are out of fuel or otherwise outlived their usefulness. Whenever a new set of decouplers is placed on a craft, a new stage is created, containing all parts attached to the decoupler. This logic doesn't work for all vessel designs, so it may be necessary to manually reorder parts to the correct stages. This happens by rearranging the icons in the staging process list on the right of the screen in the VAB. Here you can create or delete any number of stages with no restrictions other than that a single stage must remain.

It is also possible reorder parts to different stages on the launch pad or mid flight. However, the staging should mostly be done in the VAB, where there is no pressure of time and it can be saved with the craft.






ステージ 1 2 3
実行内容 S2点火 S2切り離し S1点火




ステージ 1 2
実行内容 S2、S1点火 S2切り離し




ステージ 1 2 3 4
実行内容 S4, S3, S2, S1点火 S4切り離し S3切り離し S2切り離し

Basic Staging Mechanisms

Merging Stages

Decouplers are generally used to separate stages but you can create stages without decouplers in order to -for example- engage solid fuel boosters at just the right time without having to dump anything off your ship to do so. All you have to do is create a stage that contains only the boosters -or other parts you want engaged-. When such a stage is activated the previous stage will be merged into it, the booster now occupying the active stage with all the parts from the previous stage also remaining active. Once used up, the solid boosters can be decoupled by another stage containing only their decouplers leaving the rest of the active stage intact.


全てのパーツがステージ制御の対象になる訳ではない。一部のパーツは作動と停止を繰り返すことが出来る。バージョン 0.17.1時点ではLT-2 Landing StrutSmall Gear BayTelus Mobility EnhancerTelus-LV Bay Mobility Enhancerが該当する。 These parts serve a purpose that requires repeated activation and as such can be engaged and disengaged at any time.