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プロボドボダイン ステイプートニク
Command module によって
Probodobodyne Inc

接続サイズ S
コスト (合計) 300.00 Funds
質量 (合計) 0.05 t
空気抵抗 0.15-0.2
耐熱温度 1800 K
Volume  ?
耐衝撃性 12 m/秒
開発技術 Basic science.png 基礎科学
開発導入費 1 400 Funds
バージョンから 0.18
Part configuration probeStackSphere_v2.cfg
Command module
ピッチトルク 0 kN·m
ヨートルク 0 kN·m
ロールトルク 0 kN·m
消費電力 1.67 ⚡/分
電力容量 10.0 
SASレベル × なし
Field of View (min) 25 °
(max) 45 °
Detection 0 %
Enhancable いいえ
Modes Terrain

The Stayputnik Mk. 1 is an unmanned command module that runs on Electricity. It seems to be based upon the main body of the USSR satellite, Sputnik.


Generally placed at the top of the rocket, the Stayputnik Mk. 1 provides full command module functionality. Due to the extremely low internal torque, rockets using a stayputnik tend to require vectored thrust or RCS thrusters.

The Stayputnik Mk. 1 features one tiny size node on its bottom. Until the release of the Probodobodyne OKTO2 in version 0.19 it was the lightest command pod.




The name may be because of the resemblance with the USSR satellite Sputnik. It could also be a reference to the first US satellite launch of the Vanguard TV3. Upon its catastrophic failure on the launchpad, foreign press made fun of the Vanguard, calling the satellite a “Stayputnik” among other things.


  • Renamed from Stayputnik Mk. 2 to Stayputnik Mk1.
  • Initial Release