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Strategies menu

Strategies are a feature of the Administration Facility that are used to alter how Funds (Funds), Reputation (★) or Science points (⚛) are spent, or to convert one type of resource into another (i.e. Funds into Science). The exchange over the set up cost has serious "loss", so do it wisely. Converting in a greater ratio also means better efficiency over the grater setup cost. For introducing a strategy (see right), at first the wished strategy has to be chosen by a clicking on it. The second step is adjusting the conversion ratio on the slider of the Commitment. If the ratio seems well, and the setup cost is covered, the strategy can be started by clicking on the great green check-mark (✓) nearby.

All strategies require that you can both meet their setup cost and (aside from Recovery Transponder Fitting) have sufficient rep, with the requirement varying with commitment level:

For example, at 5% commitment, the minimum rep is -500 + 1250*0.05, or -437.5 (displayed as -438)

Currently strategies are split into one of 4 departments:

List of Strategies

Department Icon Name Set up Cost Effects Description
5% 100%

Mortimer Kerman portrait.01.png
Mortimer Kerman
Fundraising Campaign.png
Fundraising Campaign ★49 ★500
  • Takes 5 - 100% Reputation gains
  • Yields 7.1 - 9 Funds for each 1 unit of Reputation
We can likely raise some money by exploiting the attention that we get out of new successful ventures to remind the well-to-do Kerbals out there that we could use their support, and the contents of their wallets. This is probably going to be seen as a bit cheeky of us, so be prepared to face some backlash from the public.
Patents Licensing.png
Patents Licensing ⚛263 2 700
  • Takes 5 - 100% Science gains
  • Yields 8.1 - 10 Funds for each 1 unit of Science
Our science data can be worth a lot of money by selling licenses for other organizations to use our patents. The added book-keeping required will probably add some extra work for the R&D team, but the financial benefits could be worth their reduced output.

Linus Kerman portrait.01.png
Linus Kerman
Unpaid Research Program.png
Unpaid Research Program ★288 1 000
  • Takes 5 - 100% Reputation gains
  • Yields 1 Science for each 1.65 - 1.389 Reputation
A program where undergrad researchers are given the opportunity to work in our great Space Program, to boost the science earned out of each Mit of data. The Interns don't get paid, but the prestige of working with such a grand organization as ours surely is its own reward, isn't it?
Outsourced R&D.png
Outsourced R&D Funds16 243 Funds170 000
  • Takes 5 - 100% Fund Income
  • Yields 1 Science for each 35.557 - 28.818 Funds
Why do all the data-crunching ourselves when we can contract external research labs to help us process the data we receive. These services aren't exactly cheap, but their R&D facilities are very impressive.
Public Relations

Walt Kerman portrait.01.png
Walt Kerman
Appreciation Campaign.png
Appreciation Campaign Funds15 600 Funds160 000
  • Takes 5 - 100% Funds Income
  • Yields 1 Reputation for each 23.706 - 19.231 Funds
We could definitely improve our image by putting some effort into reminding Kerbals everywhere of just how great the Space Program is. Advertisement space isn't free, however.
Open-Source Tech Program.png
Open-Source Tech Program ⚛195 2 000
  • Takes 5 - 100% Science gains
  • Yields 1.115 - 1.4 Reputation for each 1 unit of Science
Even though we went through great lengths to get our scientific data, making it available for free to all of Kerbalkind can only be seen as a good thing. R&D will probably not be at its peak efficiency however, with all the noise these outside opinions tend to generate.

Gus Kerman portrait.01.png
Gus Kerman
Aggressive Negotiations.png
Aggressive Negotiations ★109 ★750
  • -6.75 - -40% Funds off on Launch Costs and R&D Purchases
  • -27.0 - -160.0 Reputation on each discount
We can get better deals with our suppliers by taking up a more... assertive stance on our negotiations with them. They probably won't see this as a friendly move, but we can definitely have it our way if we press them. It's not as if we care what others think, do we?
Recovery Transponder Fitting.png
Recovery Transponder Fitting Funds20 250 Funds120 000 Recovering parts landed far away from the Space Center can be very costly, but I reckon we can reduce those costs by installing better transponders on the parts we launch. These units are not cheap, but they should make it much easier to find parts, improving the recovery value even if they're half-way around Kerbin. What do you say?