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Structural Fuselage
Изображение детали
Распорка по
C7 Aerospace Division
Размер Маленький
Цена (полная) 380,00 Funds
Масса (полная) 0,10 т
Аэродинамическое сопротивление 0.2-0.3
Макс. температура 2000 К
Допустимое усилие 70 м/с
Исследования General construction.png Базовая сборка
Стоимость разработки 2 500 Funds
С версии 0.15
Конфигурация модуля mk1Parts

Конструктивный фюзеляж (англ. "Structural Fuselage") is a 1.25 meter “Size 1” fuselage. Like all fuselages, it cannot contain any oxidizer and unlike other fuselages, it cannot contain any fuel. Its purpose is entirely structural.

It and the Mk1 Fuselage - Jet Fuel are the only fuselage parts with circular cross-sections. As such, they mate cleanly with Size 1 parts like the FL-T series rocket fuel tanks.

Product description

« A standard fuselage. Carries no fuel; is there merely as a structural element. As such, it's lighter and more solid due to reinforcements.  »


  • Mass decrease from 0.4 to 0.1.
  • Initial Release