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Hi, shouldn't this be merged? There are currently about three different pages listing mods:

Especially the first three are more or less duplicates, which will maintaining it problematic. Also the definitions of the first two are to fuzzy:

  • What is a useful mod?
  • The sorted mods library can't be complete. So there is some fuzzy definition that the mod needs to be "important" (which can't be quantified).

My suggestion (if we allow such lists) would be to have them in a table and mark on each, if they are career mode compatible and if they enhance the reality. Also there was a list in addon which were removed and I have to agree with the reasoning behind the deletion.

By the way there is also calculation tools, although I'm unsure if that need to be integrated. But by the amount of tools only about calculations this list/these lists here will be loooong.

Apart from that, the article should be named (imho) "List of .... mods" with the capitalisation removed. — xZise [talk] 13:51, 29 May 2014 (CDT)

I think the merging is definitely needed, as well as placing all the info in a table.
The choice of mods should probably stay more or less what it is now - most popular and polished mods. The list is going to be subjective, of course. But there is no other way, unless we want the mod devs themselves to put here every single one.
Imo the calculation tools should stay as separate, they're not mods after all. And as you mentioned, they are plentiful themselves. — 8MMW (talk) 15:12, 29 May 2014 (CDT)