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Fascinating, but should it be here?

The issue is that this is from a (very cool) mod. Letting mods be documented on this wiki presents a huge problem: creating the need for clearly differentiating stock content that everyone gets from content only available with a mod. Much of that work falls on authors to clearly tag their mod-related content, and that's very far from infallible. And since plenty of mods aim to be stock-like, we can't rely on it being obvious just from looking at it.

My own thought is to keep the scope of this wiki tight, just do stock content, maybe let people quietly abuse media uploads for fan fiction images that really ought to be hosted on any of a dozen image hosting sites, and let other sites document mods. Then readers can simply and confidently know that anything they run across here is something they definitely have with KSP. --Brendan (talk) 00:07, 13 March 2015 (CDT)