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The Tech tree is the screen used in the R&D center to unlock bigger and better parts as the player does research in space. (As this is an initial release of this feature, new with version 0.22, this is subject to change.) The Tech tree consists of multiple layers of research: the branch of rocket design you are currently exploring such as Stability or Survivability, and development: the parts unlocked with each new completed research.

When you start you "own" knowledge of only a few parts. As you complete research, more parts become available. The Tech tree lists the reaserch available at each step, and also the parts owned when completed, is as follows (table under development):

Icon Stage Available Research Available parts
file.png Start Basic Rocketry Command Pod Mk1
LV-T30 Liquid Fuel Engine
RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster
FL-T200 Fuel Tank
Modular Girder Segment
Communotron 16
Mk16 Parachute
file.png Basic Rocketry General Rocketry
FL-T400 Fuel Tank
FL-T100 Fuel Tank
Mystery Goo Containment Unit
TR-18A Stack Decoupler