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{{Category}} redirects here. You may be looking for {{Wikipedia category}}.

{{Cl|category name}}
{{Cl|category name|link text}}
{{Cl|category name|link text|count=yes}}
{{Cl|category name|link text|count=yes|count_type=type}}
{{Cl|category name|link text|count=yes|count_type=type|backlog=backlog threshold}}

{{Cl}} ("[C]ategory [l]ink") produces a link to a category in a similar fashion to {{Tl}} for a template. For example:

{{Cl|Africa}} produces: Category:Africa

To specify the text used for the link, add it as a second parameter:

{{Cl|Africa|this category}} produces: this category

To add a count of everything in the category, add the |count=yes parameter:

{{Cl|Africa|count=yes}} produces: Category:Africa ( 0 )

If you just want to get a count of pages, files, or subcats, use the |count_type= parameter:

{{Cl|Africa|count=yes|count_type=all}} produces: Category:Africa ( 0 ) (default)
{{Cl|Africa|count=yes|count_type=pages}} produces: Category:Africa ( 0 )
{{Cl|Africa|count=yes|count_type=subcats}} produces: Category:Africa ( 0 )
{{Cl|Africa|count=yes|count_type=files}} produces: Category:Africa ( 0 )

If you want to make counts standout for categories that have a backlog, use |backlog=:

{{Cl|Africa|count=yes|backlog=20}} produces: Category:Africa ( 0 )

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