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{{Infobox/Line|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Drag}}|{{{drag}}} {{{drag note|}}}{{#ifeq: {{lc:{{{physics insignificant}}}}}|y|{{#tag:ref|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Massless}}|name="phyinsig"|group="{{{nref|N}}}"}}}}}}
{{Infobox/Line|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Drag}}|{{{drag}}} {{{drag note|}}}{{#ifeq: {{lc:{{{physics insignificant}}}}}|y|{{#tag:ref|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Massless}}|name="phyinsig"|group="{{{nref|N}}}"}}}}}}
{{Infobox/Line|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Temp}}|{{{temp}}} {{Dict|K}}}}
{{Infobox/Line|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Temp}}|{{{temp}}} {{Dict|K}}}}
{{Infobox/Line|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Volume}}|{{#if: {{{volume|}}}|{{#ifeq: {{{volume|}}}|0|N/A|{{{volume}}} {{Dict|l}}}}|?}}}}
{{Infobox/Line|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Tolerance}}|{{{tolerance}}} {{Dict|m}}/{{Dict|s}}}}  
{{Infobox/Line|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Tolerance}}|{{{tolerance}}} {{Dict|m}}/{{Dict|s}}}}  
{{Infobox/Line|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Research}}|{{#if: {{{research|}}}|{{#if: {{Infobox/Part/ricon|{{{research}}}}}|[[{{Infobox/Part/ricon|{{{research}}}}}|24x24px|link={{{research}}}{{if lang}}]] }}[[{{{research}}}{{if lang}}|{{Dict/sci node|{{{research}}}}}]]|{{Dict|Unknown}}}}}}
{{Infobox/Line|{{Infobox/Part/Dict|Research}}|{{#if: {{{research|}}}|{{#if: {{Infobox/Part/ricon|{{{research}}}}}|[[{{Infobox/Part/ricon|{{{research}}}}}|24x24px|link={{{research}}}{{if lang}}]] }}[[{{{research}}}{{if lang}}|{{Dict/sci node|{{{research}}}}}]]|{{Dict|Unknown}}}}}}
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Part image
Adapter by
O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises

Radial size Large, Small, Tiny
Cost (total) 800.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.20 t
Drag 0.3
Max. Temp. 3400 K
Volume 0 l
Impact Tolerance 12 m/s
Research Meta-materials.png Meta-Materials
Unlock cost 1 200 Funds
Since version 0.21
Part configuration part.cfg
Outgoing connectors 4


To avoid adding the information for each language this templates should be reused and with the suggested subpage name /Box. The Templates help page contains additional information how to implement reusing. All page which use template directly should add the {{Data template used}} note.


Name Optional Description Default
name Yes Name of the part, which can be found in the localization file. Uses {{Dict/part name}} to translate names. {{BASEPAGENAME}}
file Yes Filename to image of the part. File:Image needed.svg
type No Type of the part. Automatically defines the role and parent parameter.
role Yes Role of the part. Overrides the type parameter. {{type}}
size Yes Radial size of the part (uses {{Radial Size}}). Not set/Hidden
size2 Yes Second radial size of the part (uses {{Radial Size}}). Not set/Hidden
size3 Yes Third radial size of the part (uses {{Radial Size}}). Not set/Hidden
manufacturer Yes Manufacturer of the part. If set linked to the category of this name (see also Category:Manufacturers). Automatically uses {{Infobox/Part/Manufacturer}} and {{Infobox/Part/Manufacturer entry}} on it. Not set/Hidden
manufacturer2 Yes Second manufacturer of the part. Not set/Hidden
costs No Cost of the part, which is usually given in the part.cfg.
mass No Mass of the part, which is usually given in the part.cfg.
lf Yes Amount of Liquid Fuel on that part in units. Only used for wet mass/dry costs calculation. 0
ox Yes Amount of Oxidizer on that part in units. Only used for wet mass/dry costs calculation. 0
mp Yes Amount of Monopropellant on that part in units. Only used wet mass/dry costs calculation. 0
sf Yes Amount of Solid Fuel on that part in units. Only used for wet mass/dry costs calculation. 0
xg Yes Amount of Xenon Gas on that part in units. Only used for wet mass/dry costs calculation. 0
ia Yes Amount of Intake Air on that part in units. Only used for wet mass/dry costs calculation. 0
or Yes Amount of Ore on that part in units. Only used for wet mass/dry costs calculation. 0
ab Yes Amount of Ablator on that part in units. Only used for wet mass/dry costs calculation. 0
drag No Drag of the part. By different values, add minimum_drag first and then maximum_drag
temp No Temperature resistance of the part, which is usually given in the part.cfg.
tolerance No Impact tolerance of the part, which is usually given in the part.cfg.
volume Yes Volume of the part for cargo storage, which is usually given in the part.cfg in the ModuleCargoPart module. If the volume is -1, it is considered as a construction part which cannot be stored (N/A). Unknown volume (?)
research Yes Research node required for this part. Uses {{Dict/sci node}} to translate names. Unknown
unlock cost No Cost to unlock the part, which is usually given in the part.cfg.
since Yes Version the part first appeared in. It will be used in {{version}}. Unknown
dlc Yes Name of the dlc. Used for link to cfg-entry in wiki. Can be:
  • mh
  • bg
Not Set
filename No The filename (with extension) of the part.cfg
part No Name of the part folder. Used for link to cfg-entry in wiki. It will create a link to Parts/{{{parent}}}/{{{part}}}/part.cfg.
parent No Parent directory of the part folder. Used for part.cfg file, see above. Overrides the type parameter.
physics insignificant Yes Mark the mass and drag automatically with a note that they are insignificant (so called massless parts). This will use {{{nref}}}, so if it isn't set, will set it automatically to "N". Other notes can use that group then too. Must be set to "Y" or "y" to show insignificance. Not set/Hidden
notes Yes Additional notes below the part information. Not set/Hidden
nref Yes Automatically add references of the group with that name (usually N). Modules might have a nref parameter which needs to be set to the same value. Not set/Hidden
more Yes More module-specific information (see More parameter). Not set

If a mandatory parameter is missing Category:Infobox/Part with missing parameters will be added.

Configuration file

With the new folder structure since version 0.20 the part config file must be placed at Parts/{{{parent}}}/{{{part}}}/{{{filename}}}. The {{Part config}} template should be used in the part configuration pages. For some parts the actual parent differs from the type. For those cases parent overrides the type-based parent definition. One example is the Vernor Engine, because it's a RCS engine but it's definition is in Engine although the other two RCS engines are in Utility.

More parameter

To add additional fields the {{{more}}} parameter should be used with {{Infobox/Part/Line}} or {{Infobox/Line}}. It is preferred to use one of the modules.


To add a manufacturer, it has to be added to the template {{Infobox/Part/Manufacturer}} and to {{Infobox/Part/ManufacturerUntranslated}}.


For different types of parts this template allows to set the type parameter. The type will automatically set {{{role}}} and {{{parent}}} though they can be manually overwritten. The following values are supported:

Type Role Parent Subtemplate
cs Control surface Aero {{Infobox/Part/control surface}}
fan Fan shroud (n/a)
fr Fairing (n/a)
hs Heat shield {{Infobox/Part/heat shield}}
int Air intake {{Infobox/Part/air intake}}
let Winglet {{Infobox/Part/winglet}}
nc Nose cone (n/a)
win Wing {{Infobox/Part/lifting surface}}
car Cargo module Cargo {{Infobox/Part/inventory}}
cit Cargo item (n/a)
cm Command module Command {{Infobox/Part/command module}}
cp Cockpit
pod Command pod
rw Reaction wheel {{Infobox/Part/torque}}
sas Stability Augmentation System {{Infobox/Part/SAS}}
ft Fuel transfer CompoundParts (n/a)
str Strut (n/a)
air Airlock Coupling (n/a)
dec Decoupler {{Infobox/Part/separator}}
sep Separator
epl Engine plate (n/a)
ant2 Deployed Science DeployedScience {{Infobox/Part/antenna}}
gen2 {{Infobox/Part/power generator}}
sen2 {{Infobox/Part/power usage}}, {{Infobox/Part/deployed science}}
bat Battery Electrical {{Infobox/Part/energy storage}}
gen Generator {{Infobox/Part/generator}}
pan Solar panel {{Infobox/Part/solar panel}}
lfe Liquid fuel engine Engine {{Infobox/Part/reaction engine}}
mpe Monopropellant engine
srb Solid rocket booster {{Infobox/Part/solid fuel engine}}
je Jet engine {{Infobox/Part/jet engine}}
ie Ion engine {{Infobox/Part/ion engine}}
dra Drain valve FuelTank (n/a)
lft Liquid fuel tank {{Infobox/Part/tank}}
mpt Monopropellant tank
xgt Xenon gas tank
tel Telescope Misc (n/a)
pro Propeller Propellers (n/a)
con Converter Resources {{Infobox/Part/converter}}
dri Resource harvester (n/a)
fc Fuel cell {{Infobox/Part/converter}}
ot Ore tank {{Infobox/Part/tank}}
sca Scanner (n/a)
cyl Cylinder Robotics (n/a)
eng Engine (n/a)
hin Hinge (n/a)
pco Robotic controller (n/a)
rot Rotor (n/a)
ser Servo (n/a)
arm Scanning arm Science {{Infobox/Part/scanner arm}}
lab Laboratory {{Infobox/Part/laboratory}}
sen Environmental sensor {{Infobox/Part/sensor}}
sto Experiment Storage (n/a)
ada Adapter Structural {{Infobox/Part/adapter}}
grp Grip pad (n/a)
ste Structural element (n/a)
rad Radiator Thermal {{Infobox/Part/radiator}}
ant Antenna Utility {{Infobox/Part/antenna}}
cb Cargo bay (n/a)
chu Parachute {{Infobox/Part/parachute}}
claw Advanced Grabbing Unit (n/a)
dp Docking port (n/a)
fla Flag (n/a)
hab Habitation module {{Infobox/Part/crew}}
lad Ladder {{Infobox/Part/ladder}}
leg Landing leg (n/a)
les Launch Escape System (n/a)
lig Electric light {{Infobox/Part/electric usage}}
rcs Reaction Control System {{Infobox/Part/reaction engine}}, {{Infobox/Part/thrust vectors}}
sb Service bay (n/a)
gea Landing gear Wheel (n/a)
rov Rover wheel {{Infobox/Part/rover wheel}}

If a part uses more than one type, for example the R.A.P.I.E.R. Engine, the type parameter is usually omitted and each subtemplate should use a header from {{Infobox/Part/title}}.

Additionally test subjects can use {{Infobox/Part/test subject}}.


Prior to the module system "roles" where used, but have been abandoned because they are not flexible enough. Currently only {{Infobox/Part/Strut}} is the only role template still used.


|unlock cost=
|physics insignificant=


Example used on this page:

|file=TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter.png
|unlock cost=1200


When using this template, most of it is translated automatically. To translate this template or one of the subtemplates, go to the {{Infobox/Part/Dict}} template.


To add a translation for a manufacturer's name, add it to {{Infobox/Part/Manufacturer}} (use the {{lang}} template). Do not translate manufacturer names in the template {{Infobox/Part/ManufacturerUntranslated}}.