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Creates one fuel consumption entry for {{Infobox/Part}}. Has at least three parameters ({{{1}}}) for the density in kg/m3 ({{{1}}}) and the fuel consumption in L/s at atmospheric pressure ({{{2}}}) (or if no difference exists for all situations) and could be use {{{3}}} for the fuel consumption in L/s in vacuum.

# Optional Description
1 × No Density in kg/m3
2 × No Thrust in kN
3 × No Isp in seconds
4 ✓ Yes Isp in seconds in vacuum (3rd parameter is then for atmosphere). Default: Not set
5 ✓ Yes Visible unit for the consumption in X/s. Default: l
6 ✓ Yes Number of decimal places shown. Default: 2
7 ✓ Yes Caption shown by the cell. Default: Not set (automatically translated Fuel consumption by {{Infobox/Part/Dict}})

This template uses {{FuelConsumption}} to calculate the consumption and then passes it to {{Infobox/Part/FuelConsumption/Cell}} which creates the entry for a {{Infobox/Part}}.