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Maximum thrust (1 atm) 174.10 kN
(vacuum) 175.00 kN
Isp (1 atm) 388 s
(vacuum) 390 s
Fuel consumption 9.15 Units of fuel/s

Thrust vectoring × No

{{Infobox/Part}} modules for reaction engines. Use this module directly for liquid fuel engines and RCS thrusters. It uses {{Infobox/Part/Thrust}} to calculate the thrust based on Isp and thrust at atmospheric pressure. Other engine types:

Name Optional Description
thrust × No Vacuum thrust in kN (the value given in the part configuration)
isp-atm × No Specific impulse at Kerbin's sea level (1 atm)
isp-vac ✓ Yes Specific impulse in vacuum. Default: Atmospheric Isp
vectoring ✓ Yes Thrust vectoring, if not set displays “No”. Default: Not set/No
fuel ✓ Yes Type of fuel. Supported:
  • lfox (default): Liquid fuel and oxidizer
  • sf: Solid fuel
  • x: Xenon gas
  • mp: Monopropellant Default: lfox