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This template visualizes marks used in game's wiki (units, navigational directions, etc.), but not included by the ASCII or not obvious their code number. It is easy to use: {{mark|fund}} : Funds

Available marks

This list contains all available mark. The .svg based marks don't scales by formating as the normal fonts, but they have a larger version (like |fund and |fund-l). If you want to avoid the breaking around them, for example at (Funds), use {{nowrap}} template!

The drag is dimensionless, the unit of size of data (and packets) is Mit!

Name Meaning Appearance
fund Fund - the currency of Kerbals Fund Fund char.svg
scp Science point - the unit of scientific value
pres Reputation point - the unit of social value
flag Flag
crew Crew - amount of Kerbals Crew Crew char.svg
fuelu Unit of fuel: solid fuel, liquid fuel, oxidizer and monopropellant Fuel unit Jerry-can char.svg
fuelflow Specially for fuel flowing, links to wiki (translate-able) Jerry-can char blue.svg/s
echu Unit of Electric charge
lgu Unit of liquid gas, like xenon gas Spray char.svg Spray char.svg
airu Unit of intake air Air Unit Baloon char.svg
levind Level indicator Level indicator.svg Level indicator.svg
prog Prograde Prograde.svg Prograde.svg
retg Retrograde Retrograde.svg Retrograde.svg
norm Normal Normal.svg Normal.svg
anorm Anti-normal Anti-normal.svg Anti-normal.svg
radin Radial-in Radial-in.svg Radial-in.svg
radout Radial-out Radial-out.svg Radial-out.svg
tprog Target prograde Target prograde.svg Target prograde.svg
tretg Target retrograde Target retrograde.svg Target retrograde.svg
mprog Maneuver prograde Maneuver.svg Maneuver.svg
yes Yes (see also {{Yes}})
no No (see also {{No}})
dia Diameter
com transmission or whatever 📶
drag drag or something