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Options Parameters Navbar Navbar/sandbox
Normal {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name}}
With other text {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|text=This template:}}
No text {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|plain=1}}
With brackets {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|plain=1|brackets=1}}
Inline {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name}} Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum
Inline, plain {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|plain=1}} Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum
With color option {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|fontstyle=color:green}}
Linking to non-template pages {{Navbar/sandbox|User:Foo}}
Linking to non-template pages {{Navbar/sandbox|:Foo}}
Makes Navbar display in a mini version. {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|mini=1}}
With brackets. {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|mini=1|brackets=1}}
Inline {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|mini=1}} Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum
View only
For a full simpler access option {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|viewplain=1}} (deprecated, use {{view}}) view
For a simpler access option {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|miniv=1}} (deprecated, use {{v}}) v
For protected templates {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|noedit=1}}
For protected templates, mini {{Navbar/sandbox|Template Name|noedit=1|mini=1}}

In navbox

See also Template:Navbox/testcases